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Cantina Revena is a reality that, by tradition, began its story over 100 years ago, from the Castelletti family farm. Castelletti Leone, the founder, built the first wine cellar in 1946 located in the "Terra dei Forti", the last part of the Valdadige that goes from Merano to the province of Verona. In this last part, nestled between Mount Baldo and the Lessini Mountains and crossed by the Adige River, we have our roots. In this particular foothill environment, the climatic and microclimatic conditions are historically the most suitable for vine cultivation and today for the production of selected grapes of great quality, from which our wines are born. Making wine is a family affair. Continuing these traditions, we produce wine in our small cellar where we have always produced wine for our table, combining the tradition passed down from generation to generation with modern techniques. The result is natural, healthy and sincere wines that we now offer to our customers and to anyone who wants to taste those same flavors that accompanied the daily life of those who came before us and who lived in our home before us.


Revena Rosso is a red wine obtained mainly from Enantio grapes, a typical and native vine of the Valdadige. Obtained from a simple and careful vinification, it has an intense ruby red color. The refinement takes place in steel tanks and is appreciated for its fruity scents with notes of berries and cherries as well as spicy and balsamic notes.
The good structure of Revena Rosso makes it suitable to accompany first courses of pasta with meat sauce and roasts. Excellent with game but also with aged cheeses.


Revenella is a rosé wine made from Molinara grapes, a native vine of the Verona area. (The wine is obtained with a partial maceration of the grapes and at the end of the vinification the wine is left to mature in steel tanks.) The resulting product is characterized by an intense cherry pink colour. The nose has delicate aromas of red fruit such as raspberries and strawberries, but also fresh notes of aromatic herbs. Finally, on the palate it is fresh, lively, with a slight sapidity and good acidity.
Revenella lends itself well to accompanying appetizers of cold cuts or fish. Suitable for first courses based on both lake and sea fish, but also with grilled or baked fish and white meats.


 Revena Bianco is a wine obtained from white grapes typical of the Val d'Adige, vinified in steel tanks and with a light straw yellow colour. The nose reveals a pleasant bouquet of yellow flowers and ripe fresh fruit such as apple and pear but also dried fruit.
In the mouth it is pleasantly fresh, characterized by a mineral note with a good balance between flavor and acidity and a fruity finish. It can be combined with appetizers based on cured meats, pasta dishes with vegetable or mushroom sauces, but also white meats and young cheeses.